Benjamin Regev CPA

Work with CFO Advisory Services to plan for your future.

Benjamin Regev CPA

Work with CFO Advisory Services to plan for your future.

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Benjamin Regev CPA firm is a boutique firm that offers prime CFO advisory services and CPA consulting services. We work with clients locally in the greater New York City area as well as US, Canada and internationally.

Our CPA firm specializes in short and long term outsourced CFO advisory services. We collaborate with your management, accounting professionals and finance team to achieve your business strategic goals.

Benjamin Regev CPA is a well established firm that has participated in AICPA peer review program. We have decades of experience serving companies in a variety of industries in VP, Executive and Chief Financial Officer roles.

We offer broad accounting services and financial services. Consulting areas range from budgeting, key performance indicators (KPIs), integrating ERP to M&A, exit strategy and expatriate HRM training.

Benjamin Regev CPA firm is committed to advise entrepreneurs, startups founders and executives wherever they are. We help our clients reach their unique goals by providing expert advice and customized solutions.

We are resourceful on planning, modeling, forecasting, cash flow, corporate finance and international tax advising. Our broad knowledge and extensive CFO global experience lead to direct and clear actionable insights.

Outsourced CFO Services

Our outsourced CFO Services address business owners concerns, needs and plans. We consult on developing growth strategies and integrating tailored business methods.

Contact CFO CPA Firm today for detailed process review and operation analysis. Receive trusted constructive feedback that aims to improve the financial performance of your business.

CFO CPA firm serves as advisor to C-suite members. Firsthand experience in a variety of industries allows us to assist with crucial decision making and complex business changes.

We offer analysis of M&A opportunities, post acquisition accounting, and exit preparation.

Our management consulting services include advisory to upper management on effective Board presentation of financial information. We facilitate the communication of financial statements during Board meeting. We will also advise on field questions from board members after the presentation.

Benjamin Regev CPA firm offers part time fractional CFO services for specific engagements such as year-end closing and ASC 842 lease accounting. This service provides business owners with the flexibility to access expert advice on as needed basis. Having Chief Financial Officer essential advisory support without the cost of full time in house CFO.

Before you make a business commitment, contact us for timely advice, you can count on. Our virtual CFO services can help you by assessing contract financial terms and identifying potential risks.

Fractional CFO Services

Entrepreneurs trust our knowledge and expertise for project guidance by using our cost efficient fractional CFO Services.

Startup founders benefit from our fractional CFOs outsourced services as well. At our CFO CPA firm, we advise startups on accounting procedures, discuss realistic projections and monitor key financial reporting. We work with your management team to ensure proper business processes from the start.

Lastly, COVID-19 changed the world’s business environment. Management has to address the pandemic economic impact amid uncertainty, high shipping costs, material delays and labor shortages.

Stay ahead by turning risks into opportunities. Timely actions are imperative to enhance your business financial health and sustainability.

Benjamin Regev CPA firm will advise you on navigating through difficult situations and alternative scenarios. Working together, we will examine your business capital structure, prioritize strategic goals and create effective practical solutions.

Keep your company on track. Fully committed to our clients, we offer business consulting to identify problems and resolve underperforming areas.

At Benjamin Regev CPA firm, we understand the significance of your industry’s finances, trends and complexity. Our goal is to assist your company achieve its strategic plan.

Contact us for CPA services ‚Äčand outsourced CFO consultation. We welcome new and existing businesses in the Tri-state area, NYC, US and globally.

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